Jules la mouche

Jules la mouche was created in 2010 by the couple Julie Durocher and Alexandre Lanthier. She, a photographer, and he, a multidisciplinary artist, have decided to open up their treasure chest of pictures and make it their family’s livelihood. They wanted to offer images of Quebec and elsewhere as well as photo staging they have fun creating.  All images are printed on 100% recycled paper so that Jules’ cards only leave the words your write imprinted on the hearts of the people you care about…

Jules la mouche is a young enterprise taking flight that offers eco-friendly, original, inspiring and artistic greeting cards.

Our business commitment is twofold:

1. Using high quality artwork
"Creating frames that embellish the viewer’s surroundings."  – Jules

2. Reducing our products’ ecological footprint
"Ecology is not a trademark, it’s a manner of acting in a place without owning it."  – La mouche

Our Cards details:

Jules la mouche offers you corporate greeting cards for the holiday season:


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